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Base Price CAD $1,250

All of our pieces are large enough to serve as coffee tables or extra seating.

At Ottoman Luxury we build solid, robust furniture in fashionable slipcovers that are beautiful and easy to clean.

Never run out of stylish options with the world’s bestĀ fitting slipcovers.

As shown: 43″ x 26″ x 17.5 G (glides) Available in four finished heights – 17.5 G, 16.5 G, 15.5 G, 14.5 G

There are 3 Ways To Shop


Peruse and ponder our fabrics before purchasing furniture. You can purchase individual samples and the shipping is free.


Secure your place in queue. Our ottomans are available in a multitude of fabrics. If you are unsure about your fabric choice place a “base price” deposit in your basket. You can choose as many textile samples as required for your approval and we will ship them out to you. Once you have made a final fabric selection, the difference will be charged.


When you really know what you want you can purchase your ottoman right away. For example, you may want a certain textile, but are just unsure about the colour decision. You will still be able to order swatches to finalize your colour choice. In some instances, special editions or models available in only one fabric will also fall into this category.


We build our custom furniture with love, but is more beautiful than beautiful furniture so our custom order cancellation policy is the best in class. Please see the shop faq for full details.

Current Options and Pricing: Plateau 43 x 26 G”