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Choose Your Frame, Choose Your Fabrics, Checkout

Our frames are available in an array of textile options at various price points. Whichever frame you choose, you will be charged for your frame in our base price, plus shipping. At checkout, you will be prompted to create on online shopping account. Your online shopping account stores your order history, shipping, billing information and tracking number. After your place your order, you may want to print your receipt for your records.

Your Fabric Selections Ship Out

A sales associate will contact you to confirm your final fabric selection. If you choose a fabric outside of our base category, the difference is charged to your credit card.

Your Delivery

Our orders are fulfilled 8 – 12 weeks after you have made your final fabric selection. Approximately one week before your frame is shipped, a sales associate will contact you to notify you of your upcoming delivery.

Special Editions

For special editions or models available in only one fabric, the full charge is incurred at the time of ordering in place of a base deposit. You will still be able to order swatches to finalize your colour choice.

Our Slipcovers Are Made For Our Furniture

We require our product serial numbers in all correspondence, including future purchases for replacement covers.


At Ottoman Luxury our custom order cancellation policy is the best in class. We allow full refunds, minus a $75 mailing and service fee before your final fabric selection has been made. Cancellations made after finalizing your fabric selection will be subject to a non – refundable charge of $700. (if your order goes into production)

Custom Sizes, New Model Introductions and C.O.M.

Building furniture at Ottoman Luxury requires mindful focus and attention. Features such as new fabrics, new frame sizes, leg options, custom sizes and C.O.M. are all slated for production in due manner.
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Cover Care

All of our fabrics are either washable or dry cleanable. Washable fabrics should be washed using natural, gentle soaps or detergents. If you need to treat stubborn stains, we recommend Grime Eater.

Furniture Care

Ottoman Luxury pieces are robust, well made pieces built to be used as coffee tables and occasional seating. To extend the life of both your foam and slipcovers, we do not recommend resting heavy objects on them regularly, or on a daily basis. For example, you can use your ottoman daily as extra seating, but do not use your furniture to leave or store heavy items such as a stack of books.

Where Do We Ship?

Our products are currently shipped within the US and Canada.

Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping in North America is a flat rate per piece. Up to date shipping rates can be verified during the checkout process. We ship via Fedex. If your reside in a remote location, you may incur extra shipping costs. We will contact you in advance if the cost of shipping exceeds our flat rate. In the event that Fedex does not offer delivery in your area, we will provide you with details or alternative shipping options.

Customs and Duty

Ottoman Luxury is made in North America and is duty free.

What Are My Payment Options

At this time, we accept payments with American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

How Do I Check My Order Status?

When you create an online shopping account you can access your order history, shipping, billing information and tracking number. Your tracking number will be visible when your item is ready to ship. A sales associate will be in touch with you approximately one week before your item is ready to ship.

In The Windsor / Detroit Area?

If you live in the Windsor / Detroit area you can opt for a local pickup. Upon checkout, make a request for local pickup in the “Order Comments” field. We will adjust your total cost when your order is ready to ship. Currently, a pick up location is available in Windsor only.


If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form.


Textile Colour Guide

Each textile supplier has a unique colour category system. Improper settings on your computer will cause all colours to be rendered inaccurately. For greatest accuracy ensure that your monitor is properly calibrated.

The JF Colour System below applies to JF Fabrics only.
10’s / 110’s = Golds and Yellows
20’s / 120’s = Rusts and Peaches
30’s / 130’s = Browns and Beiges
40’s / 140’s = Reds and Roses
50’s / 150’s = Purples and Wines
60’s / 160’s = Blues
70’s / 170’s = Greens
90-95 / 190’s = White to progressively Beige then Grey
95-99 / 190’s = Grey to progressively Black
The lower the last two numbers on the scale, typically the lighter shade and the higher the last two numbers the darker the shade. For example colour 72 or 172 would be a light green colour and 79 or 179 would be a hunter green.