Experts in Tailored Slipcover Solutions

Commercial Slipcovers – Smarter than Upholstery
Commercial slipcovers are ideal in all high traffic areas, from restaurants to retail shops, schools, waiting areas, and more. Slipcovers give you the flexibility to reinvent your decor, replace damaged covers on site or remove for easy cleaning.

Maximize Productivity
Keep your furniture on the floor.
No need to load and transport furniture for re-upholstery

Lower Inventory and Storage Costs
No need to store extra furniture. Covers are changed on site.

Extend the Life of your Textiles
Covers can be easily washed or dry cleaned. We are experts in tailored slipcover solutions. Ottoman, bench seating, headboards, furniture and more. Contact sophia for a personal consultation.

Commercial slipcovers – a business advantage.

Slipcover Perfection
Slipcover in Waverly Arabo